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Fiona Watts and Mercedes Collins are Audiologists. Audiologists study hearing and hearing disorders. They perform hearing tests including:

These tests allow the audiologist to judge someone’s level of hearing and calculate any hearing loss.

Fiona Watts is also a specialised Hearing Aid dispenser
Fiona orders, fits and fine tunes hearing aids for the individual’s needs.

An Audiologist studies not only Adult hearing loss but Children’s too. They regularly test children’s hearing levels using not only audiometry and tympanometry but also McCormick Toy Testing.

There are other problems which people suffer from, associated with the ear, such as;

  • Tinnitus (ringing noise in your ear)
  • Dizziness (also known as vertigo / labyrinthitis)

At Clifton Audiology, Fiona and Mercedes offer tinnitus counselling (tinnitus retraining therapy) and vestibular rehabilitation therapy (to help rehabilitate following an attack of vertigo or labyrnthitis).

Fiona Watts is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and offers counselling sessions for Stress and Anxiety disorders.

Fiona and Mercedes practice from both the Spire Bristol Hospital and the Clifton Physiotherapy Clinic, running clinics and offering appointments five days a week. For an appointment with Fiona or Mercedes please call 0117 9012526 or e-mail;; or click here.

Further information on the Team

Fiona Watts

Fiona Watts is a traineimaged Audiologist and Hearing Therapist and has been working as the primary Audiologist at the Spire Bristol Hospital for over 20 years. Fiona began her training as an Audiologist in the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, London, qualifying in 1980. She continued her post-graduate education in Houston and Denver (USA).

On returning to the UK Fiona single-handedly instigated and founded a clinic for patients with Learning Disabilites, offering them a unique and comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative service.

Following this, Fiona in conjunction with Mr. Philip Robinson (a leading Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant) established the Adult South West Cochlear implant programme, based at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. This is still in existence and has now expanded significantly.

In 1995 Fiona involved herself heavily with the University of Bristol, creating the Hearing Therapy Diploma. Fiona and a colleague together wrote the curriculum and ran the course, which has now developed into a universally recognised BSc in Audiology.


Mercedes Collinsimage

Mercedes Collins is a trained Audiologist and Clinical Scientist. Mercedes began her studies in 2006 achieving a BSc in Psychology and continued her education to receive her MSc in Neurosensory Sciences allowing registration as a Clinical Scientist specialising in Audiology. 

Mercedes began her audiological training at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where she continues to work part time specialising in Tinnitus. She has experience testing the hearing of adults, children, and patients with learning difficulties and memory problems. Mercedes has been involved in both vestibular testing and vestibular rehabilitation. 

Clinic Locations


Spire Bristol Hospital,   The Glen
Redland Hill
Durdham Down
Clifton Physiotherapy
118 Hampton Road
Durdham Down