Clifton Audiology - Audiologist and Hearing Therapist

Visiting Clifton Audiology 1Visiting Us

At the Spire Hospital Bristol

When you come to the hospital for your hearing to be checked, the first thing you will do is go to the main reception where you will be asked your name and it will be ticked off in a folder to tell everyone you have arrived.

Then you will be asked to go to Outpatients reception along the corridor to wait until some one calls your name out. Whilst you are waiting, you can play with the toys in the box or read a book. They also have a machine which has water in it so if you are thirsty you can have a drink. Mummy and Daddy can have a cup of tea or coffee because there is a machine for this too.

Visiting Clifton Audiology 2After a short while the audiologist will come along and call your name and then you will all go the special room that is for checking your hearing.

In this room there is a special red table and chairs for you to sit at or if you are a bit older may be six or so, you can go into the sound proof booth which is just like Dr. Who’s time machine.

The first thing we will do is have a look in your ears with our special light to see how the inside of your ear looks. Then we might do something called tympanometry where we put a coloured tip in your ear and then we can draw a picture of how your ear drum is moving. Sometimes it draws a straight line and some times a hill and this tells us how well you might be able to hear.

Visiting Clifton Audiology 3Then we come to the game part where you sit at the table and every time you hear a noise you can put a little wooden person in the boat and eventually we know how much, each one of your ears can hear. If you are older you will go into the sound proof booth and we will put headphones on you and you will be given a button to press every time you hear a noise.

Eventually we will know if you are hearing is ok or not sometimes if everything is fine you just go home and sometimes you come back to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.