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Hearing Loss

For a person with an acquired hearing loss communication becomes increasingly difficult. Speech sounds are blurred, and half heard remarks treated with suspicion or ignored. Frustration, depression, isolation and feelings of inadequacy are commonplace. The normal hearing world becomes increasingly difficult to cope with.

Clifton Audiology is a Bristol based hearing test centre specialising in hearing loss and other hearing disorders. We carry out the full remit of hearing tests, including; Audiometry, tympanometry and speech audiometry.

Who can be helped?

This is only intended to serve as a guide, not to restict referrals to rigid categories.

We can help patients who have:

Too small a hearing loss making them unsuitable for an aid

Too great a hearing loss who may require specialist advice about communication and cochlear implants

Experienced sudden unilateral or bilateral deafness who are not coping with their disability

Previously refused, but who should wear a hearing aid

A hearing aid that is no longer working as effectively as required

Been unable to adjust to the wearing of a hearing aid and subsequently need guidance and support

We can improve patients home, work and social situations by adaptations to the environment and special aids such as:

  • Telephone aids
  • TV adaptors
  • Flashing doorbells and alarms
  • Baby alarms
  • Loop systems
  • FM systems

We can also help patients whose needs are not fully appreciated by their families, whose situation should be helped by discussion between themselves, their families and the therapist.

Hearing Therapy can also benefit patients who have abnormal sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis)

What kind of help?

Assessments can easily be made as to the quality of residual hearing, alongside determining the level of natural lipreading ability the patient possesses.

Assessment of the patient's communication lifestyle and instructing the patient's family and friends in communication skills. This may include the fitting of hearing aids, environmental aids, lip reading and auditory training.

What kind of diagnostic tests will a patient need to undergo prior to hearing therapy?


- Pure tone audiometry

- Tympanometry

- Speech audiometry

- Uncomfortable Loudness Levels (LDL) and Most Comfortable Loudness Levels (MDL)

- Eustachian Tube Dysfunction tests

- Tinnitus Loudness and pitch matching tests

Hearing Tests In Bristol

To book a hearing test in our Bristol Hearing Test Centre please call 0117 9012526 or e-mail;; or click here.